All-around sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine.

The Bodor P Series fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with automatic functions of nozzle changing and one-click processing and is competent for all cutting demands. The P series with full cover can cut metal workpieces with greater efficiency and safety. This  machine is equipped with a full glass cover to protect your workers from laser radiation and dust pollution. The use of the automatic follow-up dust collection system is able to quickly and efficiently collect the powder dust and waste gases generated during the cutting process, this making the working environment free of powder dust and free from air pollution.

Why the Bodor P Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

  • Full protection cover
  • Automatic focusing function of laser head
  • Cast iron bed
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • Cast aluminum crossbeam
  • Double fast exchange tables
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Auxiliary gas low pressure alarm function

10kW+ Cutting Process Package
The special fiber laser nozzle and cutting process ensure faster carbon steel oxygen cutting, more gas-saving low-pressure stainless steel nitrogen cutting, and better-quality carbon steel air cutting.

Automatic Nozzle Changer
The fiber laser nozzle changes within 35 seconds at the soonest, 50% of time costs saved.

Active Anti-collision Function
Fiber laser heads are able to detect jutting obstacles to effectively reduce the damage rate and save the maintenance cost of a laser cutter.

Constant Cutting Gas Pressure
The fully closed-loop control adjusts according to feedback to ensure that the actual motion position is consistent with the theoretical input value.

Space Eye
1. Edge seek in 3s;
2. Simple and easy principal focus recognition without manual interference, requiring just one click to set to achieve automatic cutting, recognition, and compensation.

Vision-sensing Anti-collision
Multi-dimension alert to guarantee safe processing;Dual protection methods in a real sense, reducing injury rates for customers.

Welded Bed with Mortise-and-tenon Joint
Each frame of the cutting machine bed is welded after mortise-and-tenon joint to achieve perfect mechanical property and better stability and firmness.

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam
Ultra-high-pressure stretching process and lightweight design; Rigidity increases by 60% ; Weight goes down by 20% ; Laser cutter running speed increases by 50%

Higher Safety Level
The all-around protection covering isolates laser radiation and pollution, offering a higher safety level. Smoke and dust produced during cutting will automatically be collected to ensure a clean operating area. Smart monitoring system helps reduce accident rate.

Automatic Focusing Function of Laser Head
Applicable to multiple focal lengths, automatically adjusts focal position in cutting process by different sheet thickness

Cast Iron Bed
Low notch sensitivity and thermal sensitivity of cast iron bed reduces the loss of equipment in using, keeps the precision of cutting unchanged permanently and no deformation in its life cycle

Intelligent Anti-Collision
360 degree radar system can detect any obstacles in advance, and Z axis high speed motion will be activated to immediately avoid obstacles, avoiding collisions.

Double Fast Exchange Tables
Fast exchange of two tables greatly improves efficiency. Rack and gearwheel transmission system has better rigidity and higher accuracy, saving feeding time.