AKS Cutting Systems | water-cut X2 Waterjet Cutting System

Full featured precision and smaller footprint with upfront value.

The AKS water-kut X2 Waterjet Cutting System is a 5’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’ platform CNC Waterjet Cutting System that includes many of the preferred features of the AKS water-kut X3 and X4. The water-kut X2 is a CNC x-y-z programmable waterjet cutting system that can incorporate either traditional 55,000 psi operating high pressure or upgraded to the ultra-high pressure 90,000 psi.

The AKS water-kut X2 is designed and built to the same performance and durability standards as all AKS Cutting Systems utilizing over 100 years of AKS superior machine building experience. It offers superior performance in its price range, and optimizes the balance between performance and affordability in the market. The water-kut X2 is perfect for first time waterjet buyers who want entry-level investment with premium performance and upgrade capability.

Why AKS water-kut X2 Waterjet Cutting System?

  • Heavy-duty Unitized one-piece frame machine tool
  • X-axis dual synchronized helical rack & pinion drives
  • Y-axis single bridge helical rack & pinion drive
  • Z-axis 9.8″ programmable ball screw
  • +/-0.003″ per 3′ Accuracy of Motion
  • 1200 ipm travel speed
  • Standard water table, submerged cutting option
  • Removable / replaceable slat table system
  • 6″ thick full plate capacity
  • 670 lb abrasive bulk feeder hopper
  • Adjustable abrasive mini-hopper on bridge
  • Mitsubishi M80W Industrial CNC Controller
  • Metamation CAM & Auto True Shape Nesting software
  • 19” color touch screen operator control console

  • Sizes Available: 5′ x 5’, 5’ x 10′, 6′ x 12′
  • Load Capacity: 6″ thickness, full plate
  • Accuracy of Motion: +/- 0.003 per 3′
  • Travel Speed: 1200 ipm
  • Pump: Optional: KMT TRILINE Direct Drive 30hp / 55,000 psi | KMT NEO Intensifier 50hp / 60,000 psi | KMT PRO-3 Intensifier 60hp / 90,000 psi