Not All Straight Line Ripsaws Are Created Equal

When purchasing a straight line ripsaw a number of factors are considered to ensure you are getting a machine that fits your needs. You need to ask yourself what are you going todo with the machine.  Do you require a glue joint cut? If so how long of a glue joint do you require?  How deep do I need to cut?  What is the maximum ripping width?

Below we explain some of the key differences between straight line rip saws which will aid in your machine selection.

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Proudly Celebrating 75 Years of Operations!

March, 2013 – We are celebrating our 75th Anniversary! We’re very proud of our past and would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, suppliers, and staff for their continued support and loyalty.

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TwinHeat M Type Biomass Heating Systems


Since 1979, Twin Heat has been dedicated to developing and producing burner systems and fully automatic silo systems for both industrial plants and private customers. There are currently several thousand Twin Heat systems in operation, of which the majority was sold on the Danish market.

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