Used Beaver 300 Horizontal Waste Grinder / 25 HP – 18 kW Includes 12′ Vibrating Conveyor


Machine Information


With more than 14,000 machines sold worldwide for more than 20 years, WEIMA has been developing and perfecting the technology of grinding and shredding, worldwide.  Our machines are the most highly developed, efficient and trouble free units ever produced. The Horizontal Beaver 300 horizontal grinder is the most economical horizontal grinder on the market.

Note – This solution is able to grind up to 1,000 lbs. per hour dependant on material input

General Information:

The Horizontal Beaver 300 is a horizontal grinder. This machine is designed specifically for long strips such as those from a rip or panel saw. The Horizontal Beaver 300 is a horizontal machine that receives the material from a vibratory conveyor system. . From the conveyor, a feed roller system ‘pinches’ and feeds the material into the rotor.  The WEIMA pinch roller system is equipped with replaceable aggressively shaped in feed bars. The grinder utilizes a low speed, high torque rotor to grind scrap/waste material to size.  This slow turning rotor eliminates the high noise usually associated with volume-reducing machines and therefore enables the location of the machinery to areas convenient for waste disposal rather than locations that protect from noise.

The feed rate of the pinch roll is controlled by sophisticated electronic controls that ‘read’ the amp load on the main motor and optimize the pressure applied to the cutting rotor.  This optimization acts to keep material in constant contact with the rotor while not exerting excessive pressure that causes premature bearing failure. Additionally, on the Horizontal Beaver 300 the conveyor is tied to the pinch roller. When it stops so does the conveyor.

The Horizontal Beaver 300 incorporates WEIMA’s patented V- Rotor. This rotor delivers close tolerance and aggressive shearing action while limiting the ‘braking’ action of material pressing against the rotor. The ‘V’s cut into the rotor are the secret.  Material pushed into the rotor only contacts the apex of the grooves. This design insures that the HP is utilized in grinding the material rather than having to overcome the resistance of the material.

A screen on the output side of the rotor controls the material size. Screens vary in size from ½” to 2”. The larger the screen size the less time involved in grinding the material and the greater the output.

Machine Opening (w x ht): 11.8” x 4” (300 x 100 mm)
Rotor: “V-Rotor”
Rotor Diameter: 10” (252 mm)
Rotor Length: 11.8” (300 mm)
Rotor Speed: 500-600 RPM*
Type of Cutter: 4 x indexable, concave shape
Size of Cutter: 1.57” x 1.57” (40 x 40 mm)
# of Cutters: 14
Screen Size: 3/4″ ( 15/20 mm )
Power Requirements: 460 V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Extraction Requirements: 1,900 cfm (28 m/sec), 8” (200 mm) diameter
Output**: 400- 600 Lbs/hr
Weight:: App 2800 lbs (1270 kg)
12 ft. WRRL 300 Vibrating Conveyor

*The Rotor Speed will be determined by the application and is a fixed.

**Quoted Output is an average and can be influenced by density and size of the material as well as screen size, feeding form, etc.

  • 12′ long vibratory conveyor system
  • Electrical “Plug and Play“ Control Panel for easy start-up
  • 16 ft cable from Electrical Cabinet to machine
  • Soft start with Star Delta Starter
  • Anti-vibration Foundation
  • Push Button Reverse for Infeed Pinch Roll
  • Replaceable Crossbars on Infeed Roll
  •  V-Rotor System
  • 4 times indexable 1.57” x 1.57” concave cutting knives
Machine Details

Condition: Good. Machine has been checked, knives replaced, and basic repairs where necessary
Year Mfg: 2013
Serial No.: 600-655
Listing No: