TigerSaw Miter Automated Miter Saw System


Machine Information

Increase Accuracy

Quickly and accurately cut miters to a tolerance of +/- .1° with TigerSaw Miter. Forget manually measuring, marking material, and positioning a miter saw, resulting in inaccuracies and wasted time. TigerSaw Miter accurately push feeds material and cuts parts to the desired length every time. That’s repeatable accuracy you can trust.

Reduce Scrap

How much do you spend on your material per lineal foot? We can all agree that raw material costs are extremely high and operators can’t afford to scrap perfectly good material due to inaccuracies and human error. TigerSaw Miter eliminates scrap waste with its fast and accurate positioning and adds dollars back onto your bottom line.

Pushing Capacity

TigerSaw Miter™ can be configured with a TigerStop, TigerTurbo, or HeavyDuty 2 pusher depending on the weight of the material being fed through the saw. TigerStops can push feed up to 120 lbs of material using roller tables, TigerTurbos can push feed up to 840 lbs of material using roller tables, and HeavyDuty 2s can push feed up to 2,100 lbs using roller tables.

AutoLoader Automatic Infeed Station

If you are running the TigerSaw Miter at maximum throughput you should consider adding the AutoLoader. The AutoLoader is an automatic infeed station that will increase machine efficiency and operator productivity. It aids throughput without adding additional labor costs. The operator loads stock, either single pieces or packs/bundles onto the AutoLoader. The AutoLoader automatically indexes material into the saw, freeing the operator to perform additional value-add tasks such as sorting finished parts. This can allow you to run the saw at maximum capacity with a single operator.

Reduce Labor

Many operators will cut all of their straight lengths to size and then re-handle the same material to cut miter angles. Not anymore. TigerSaw Miter is an automated saw system that push feeds material and cuts it to the perfect miter angle the first time around. TigerSaw Miter does so quickly, and can move from -45° to 45° in 3 seconds flat.

Self-Adjusting Front Fence

Push feeding mitered parts often results in jamming. Miter angles catch on one another, moving out of alignment as parts exit the saw. Not with TigerSaw Miter’s self-adjusting fence. The front fence ensures material stays flush against the back fence as it is being fed out of the saw. In addition, TigerSaw Miter’s self-adjusting front fence automatically moves out of the way of the saw blade so there is never any risk of collision. You will never have to manually adjust a front fence again.

Standard Features & Upgrades

Every TigerSaw Miter™ comes with TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading software, TigerLink 6. Upgrade your TigerSaw Miter’s controller to a TigerTouch touch screen tablet for even greater efficiency benefits. You can configure your TigerSaw Miter with solid, plastic roller, or steel roller tables on the infeed and outfeed depending on your needs.