PEDDIBOT 1200 Thermal Cutting/Coping Machine

Machine Information


The newest member in the Peddinghaus robotic family is designed specifically to revolutionize your beam cutting production. This advanced robotic technology takes innovation further with a scanning system that measures deviations in material and then adapts the robot’s cutting path to ensure perfect fitting – no probing necessary. Specialized torch movements throughout production on the PeddiBot-1200 practically eliminate the need for grinding.

Robotic Plasma Cutting

The PeddiBot-1200 is an advanced structural thermal cutting, coping and marking line powered by HGG. The plasma torch with layout marking capabilities is positioned and controlled by a 6-axis industrial Stäubli robot arm. Equipped with a Kjellberg HiFocus 440i (440 amp) plasma cutting system, the PeddiBot-1200 is capable of cutting up to 50 mm thick mild steel (piercing and edge start) and reaching speeds up to 1778 mm per minute.

It employs a combination of cutting technologies to provide cut holes accurately. Kerf width compensation, arc shape compensation, optimized cutting direction and a special lead-in and lead-out are the core of this technology powered by HGG.

Modular Design

The Peddinghaus Roller Feed design of material measurement allows for an array of material handling options. With the PeddiBot-1200, measurement happens at the machine, eliminating separate carriage or gripper feed mechanisms. This allows for total layout flexibility. Peddinghaus conveyors can be quickly expanded, split apart, transferred across from either side (datum or non datum), and modified with no sacrifice in machine accuracy or functionality. The elimination of unnecessary mechanism also allows for superior durability, as Peddinghaus material handling can be easily stored outside in any climate. In addition, the modular design of Roller Measurement gives fabricators the ability to expand their production on an as needed basis as business dictates, allowing for unmatched potential.

The PeddiBot-1200 is ideal for processing structural steel in an array of applications including:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Farm Implement Manufacturing
  • Automotive Conveyor
  • Assembly Line Fabrication
  • Solar Panel Fabrication
  • Trailer Manufacturing
  • Conveyor Manufacturing
  • Earth Moving Equipment
Type of Thermal Cutting Plasma
Maximum Profile Dimensions 1220 x 420 mm
Minimum Profile Dimensions 75 x 75 or 75 x 50 mm
Maximum Profile Thickness 50 mm
Minimum Profile Thickness 5 mm
Maximum Profile Weight 12,000 kg
Robot Arm 6-Axis
Torch Options Plasma with Marking Functionality
Maximum Bevel Angle 45°
Material Processing 4 Sides
Plasma Torch (Integrated Layout Marking) Kjellberg HiFocus 440i
Maximum Plasma Edge Start Thickness 50 mm
Maximum Plasma Piercing Thickness 50 mm
Plasma Processing Speed 510 mm/min @ 50 mm
Torch Amps 440