22″ Super Duty Series

Machine Information


The new type 9 version of the 22” Super Duty improves on a very stable cutting platform. The updated type 9 version now uses a Variable Frequency Drive to power the
arbor motor. The VFD starts the blade over a few seconds to reduce the amp draw on the motor and provide a smooth start. This Series has a blade capacity of 22” and a
cutting capacity of 8” deep in a single pass. This series differs from the standard Super Duty series by the addition of the VFD as well as a manual chain carriage feed
attachment. Another difference is the lack of a yoke clamp handle as these machines do not the have the ability to swivel into a rip position. All other operations are the same as the standard Super Duty Series. These machines are also capable of operation in an industrial environment operating in a 2—3 shift per day atmosphere. They are found in log home manufacturing facilities, manufacturing plants, anywhere large material or a large volume of pieces at a time are needing to be cut, bevel cut, or miter cut.


  • Cut off 8” thick x 24wide material in one pass
  • Square laminated beams and cut off stacks of wide shelving
  • Miter a 21”” wide 8” thick panel at 45 degrees
  • Smooth ramped up starting up and low amp inrush on startup
  • Safety and piece of mind with automatic blade brake for safety
  • Anti-restart feature (OSHA Required) and Low Voltage start/stop
  • Automatic adjusting lower guard (OSHA required)
  • Long heavy dual core cast iron arm
  • Cast iron latch located into cast iron ring give accuracy throughout the full cut length
  • Miter latch system provides repeatable accuracy
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) ramps up speed over 10 second period.
  • Automatic brake system and overload and low voltage protection provided by VFD
  • VFD will drop out when power is disrupted or low and machine will not restart until start button is pressed
  • Blade guard automatically adjusts over different thickness material

Optional Accessories

  • Electronic Power Carriage Feed system
  • S Series Manual measuring systems
  • S Series Material Handling extension roller tables
  • S Series Material Handling flat extension tables
  • Pneumatic material clamping tables
  • Dust Collection Hoods
MODEL: 3554 3559
Arm Medium Long
Blade Size 22″/550mm 22″/550mm
HP 7.5 7.5
Phase 3 3
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Volts * 230/460* 230/460*
Amp (rated) 19 / 9.5 19 / 9.5
Brake auto – electronic solid state auto – electronic solid state
Arbor (diameter x length) 1″ x 1 3/8″ 1″ x 1 3/8″
CAPACITIES: inches / metric
Maximum Out-Rip  no ripping no ripping
Max Cross Cut 1″ Stock  23″ / 584mm 31″ / 787mm
Max M iter 45o 1″ Stock 16″ / 406mm 21 5/8″ / 549mm
Max Depth o f Cut 8″ / 203mm  8″ / 203mm
Max Depth o f Cut 45o Bevel 4″ / 101mm 4″ / 101mm