Concept Eco Case Clamp

Machine Information

  • Sturdy twist free steel frame with welded construction
  • Top lamellar-pressure beam with seven metal bars
  • Side lamellar-pressure beam with eight bars
  • Counter-pressure surfaces (bottom and side) are 38mm thick, continuous laminated working plates
  • Motorized adjustment of both pressure beams through precision trapezoidal-thread spindles, heavy duty running nut and grease reservoir
  • Work-piece pressing by electric motors, with separate helical geared motors of 2.2Kw each and electromagnetic disc brakes
  • Max. pressing force of 3500 dN (kg) per pressure beam.
  • The pressing force of the beams is digitally adjustable and is regulated by an on board frequency changer and is absolutely free of wear.
  • Pressing velocity 25mm/sec and adjustment rate of 50mm/sec controlled by automatic work-piece recognition with sensors in the pressure beams
  • Simple operation by electronic control with LCD display and transparent keyboard for; MAIN and PRE-PRESSURE INPUT (top and side pressure separately ) with electronic pressure monitoring, Press time pre-selection with opening automatic / item counter / self diagnostics
Working Height Standard 300mm
Working Length Min/Max 150mm to 2550mm
Working Height Min/Max 150mm to 1400mm
Working Depth 700mm