GOH Veneer Guillotine

Machine Information

  • Welded steel upper and lower frame.
  • Knife beam moves between three self-lubricated slideways.
  • The beam and knife are driven via a hydraulic unit.
  • Clamping beam is 150mm wide, reinforced ribs and torsion bar for accurate and solid clamping.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders ensure smooth clamping.
  • Two hand controls to start working cycle: If released the knife retracts immediately.
  • The fence movement is via an electric motor.
  • A metric counter measures the distance between the rear fence and the cutting line.
  • Double safety photocells are mounted at each end of machine opening for safe operation.
Cutting length 2650, 3100, or 3600mm
Clamping beam stroke 75mm
Minimum rear feed depth 18mm
Maximum rear feed depth 600mm
Motor 3, 4, 5.5 HP
Rear feed motor 0.5 HP
Noise measurement 70 dB
Optional Equipment
  • Cutting edge light
  • Hydraulic speed and pressure controls of the press
  • Absolute electronic sizes read-out + partial electronic sizes read-out
  • Electronic programmer complete with read-out, to program sizes to be cut and number of cuttings