TO/CC Veneer Guillotine

Machine Information

  • TO/CC is designed for heavy-duty work.
  • Whole steel welded framework, except the knife beam, which is made of cast iron.
  • Provided with a rear feed for parallel cutting of the veneer pack.
  • Motorized rear feed operated from the control panel, thus considerably speeding up work.
  • Front square, permits the cross-cutting of the veneer packs.
  • Millimeter counter for work piece width.
  • As no ways lubrication is necessary, the danger of drops of oil marking the veneers is avoided.
  • Centralized lubrication system.
  • Torsion bar so that crosscutting operation is possible in any position, without impairing machine accuracy.
  • Knife and hold down beam movements are operated by hydraulic cylinders.
  • Knife & hold-down beam pressure are independently adjustable.
  • Cutting edge light, permitting an easy alignment of the veneer sheets thereby saving material and time.
  • Double safety photo cells are mounted at each end of machine opening for safe operation.
  • Operate in manual/automatic, as standard.
  • In manual machine operation, all movements are independent and are to be operated separately