Whether you’re manufacturing metal components for pipes, pressure vessels, or tanks, Bendmak’s plate rolling machine options will enable you to smoothly roll sheet metal into cylinders, cones, or any round our semi round shape.

Advantages of Bendmak Plate Rolls

  • Since most of the products delivered during plate rolling are sophisticated, cutting-edge, and unique, they are created using specialized machines like the state of the art Bendmak plate rolls.
  • Bendmak plate rolls provide the most optimum solutions for a vast array of items including pressure vessels, home appliances, ships, wind power, military arsenal, aerospace, and more.
  • Utilizing a series of precise, strong, and powered hardened rolls, Bendmak plate rolls are built to roll any challenging parts.
  • Simply put, Bendmak plate rolls have the best quality-to-price ratio.You don’t have to break the bank to have a great machine!