AirLess Sleeve Wrappers

Machine Information

AirLess manual sleeve wrappers is a family of heavy duty designed packers. They are a cost efficient solution for briquette producers with smaller quantities. In their class they offer uncomparably easiest manual feeding of heavy products like wooden briquettes – AirLess means no pneumatic components and hence pneumatic pusher that poses an obstacle wheen feeding semi-automatic sleeve wrappers. A wide range of machines enables packaging different collations as well as packs of bigger sizes. Different levels of optional equipment facilitate and speed up process of packaging so capacity can be over 1.000 kg of briquettes per hour:


AirLess Classic: basic version with stainless steel feeding table.

AirLess Plus: roller feeding table that facilitates manual pushing of a pack into shrink tunnel.

AirLess Advance: automatic feeding table synchronised with sealing bar transfers the pack automatically into shrink tunnel.