Proline 50 Double Row Boring Machine

Machine Information

  • 2 boring units each with 25 spindles, pitch 32mm.
  • Each boring unit has 3 individual clamping cylinders.
  • The strong double-guided boring unit guarantees stability especially at the ends of the drilling beam.
  • The first boring unit is fixed at the front of the machine for easy handling of small workpieces.
  • The second, a rear-boring unit is easily moveable by precision guides indexed by a digital counter.
  • To minimize setup time, the rear fence, including extension ruler stops, are moved together with the rear drill head and hold-down cylinder.
  • Precise line drilling by use of tilt-stops and setting gauge (no indexing pin).
  • The extension ruler (2200mm) can be turned from left to right side for perfect mirror image.
  • Chip-free through-boring with hydraulic oil-break cylinder.
  • Ideal two-stage drill bit system with high speed chucks.
  • Large table for workpiece support.
  • Drilling from below with all the well-known advantages