MT-108 Face Frame Cabinet Machine

Machine Information

The MT-108 Face Frame Cabinet Machine is perfect for defect cutting, parts are made easy, parts are clamped in place during cutting and both the left and right hand pocket drills will drill pocket holes during cutting. Each pocket drill can be operated individually.

  • While parts are cut to length you can drill 1-2- or 4 pocket holes simultaneously.
  • Easy movable fence allows selecting cutting lengths and widths of parts to be cut and proper pocket holes to be drilled.
  • Cuts and drills four (4) face frame holes in a single operation – saving time and money.
  • Centralized cutting and drilling allows an operator to do both functions – saving time and money.
  • Increases efficiency of material handling – eliminating duplicate handling and stacking of parts.
  • Clamp engages before cutting and drilling operation begins – holding the parts firmly for a quality cut and accurate drilling.
  • Built in dust collection with central output connection in the back of the machine – can hook up to a central vacuum system or free standing vacuum system.
  • Easy to use stop system – allows the operator to make quick adjustments for different lengths and widths of face frame material.