AT-400 Dowel Driver

Machine Information

The Dotul AT-400 Dowel Driver is a free-standing single dowel insertion machine. The operator pre-glues the dowel hole, places the piece in front of the driver and presses on a foot pedal to insert the dowel. Dotul also offers machines that will make dowels. Ask your dealer for more information on these machines.

Features Include:

  • The AT-400 Dowel Driver will drive ½” x 4” wood dowels to a preset depth into pre-glued dowel holes.
  • Table shims allow for quick changes between 1 3/8” + 1¾” + 2¼” thick doors.
  • The adjustable dowel driver rod will allow the operator to adjust the depth of the dowel to be driven into the pre-drilled dowel hole.
  • The machine will drive the dowels as fast as the operator can pre-glue the dowel holes and press the foot pedal.
  • The customer must specify the hole centers when ordering the dowel driver.