Z2000 Veneer Stitcher

Machine Information

  • This model is specially addressed to the users requiring high production and considerable working speed also when using difficult materials.
  • Complete range of adjustments on the standard machine.

Control Panel

  • All controls are conveniently located for operation of the following:
    • temperature control
    • feed speed
    • angle speed
    • manual push button for breaking of thread
    • glue Heat

Two electric heated tubes, one tube preheats the glue; the second tube melts the glue. This results in controlled glue melting.


  • Start and stop by means of two brush switches.
  • Motor starts automatically when veneer sheets are inserted and operator pushes start button.
  • Stepless change of heater oscillation angular speed.
  • Zig-zag pitch and height adjustment.
  • Feed speeds changed by means of potentiometer.