Why Purchasing a TigerStop is a good investment?

TigerStop worth the investment

Founded in 1994 by Spencer and Mary Dick, TigerStop is a global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems. As an owner of a manufacturing business, Spencer noticed the inefficiency and inaccuracy of manually measuring parts and calibrating machinery while cutting and processing material to desired lengths. Unable to find an existing solution in the marketplace, Spencer founded TigerStop to help other manufacturers automate this process. Today, TigerStop is an international company headquartered in Washington State with distribution across six continents, and tens of thousands of TigerStops installed worldwide.


The TigerStop Automated Stop Gauge and Pusher System is accurate, fast, and easy to use. In basic operations, the user simply types in the dimension and presses start to move the stop to the desired location. This eliminates the need for measuring, marking, double-checking, and re-adjusting stops. This also allows the operator to remain in front of the machine processing material without interruption and human error. TigerStop is also accurate within .004 of an inch, resulting in superior quality control. Another consideration is that TigerStop will eliminate rework and other production bottlenecks. Most importantly, TigerStop eliminates waste, and improves yield. Material costs are usually one of the largest expenses for manufacturers, and with TigerStop this can be kept to a minimum. TigerStop also offers an add-on feature called Dynamic Optimization which optimizes the cutting process based on the lengths of raw materials, and the desired cut lists. With this feature, the operator only needs to load the material, and cut the parts. Essentially investing in a TigerStop means reduced raw material costs, improved yield, and increased productivity, which results in higher profits, on-time delivery, more jobs, and happy customers! Customers often find the ROI as low as a few weeks or months.

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