SL Series Slant Gluers

Machine Information

For the production of edge-glued panels and door frames. The SL Series of Slant Gluers will glue your panels in seconds, reducing your labor costs while increasing your production.

  • Simple, easy to understand controls reduce the learning curve and increase productivity.
  • Two hand, no tie down controls, promote operator awareness and safety.
  • Platen set a convenient 45 degree angle allows comfortable loading and unloading.
  • Unique multi-piston pneumatic cylinders apply twice the side pressure and require less air than conventional cylinders.
  • Generators feature solid state circuitry and state of the art design for efficiency and performance.
  • Heavy design, rugged construction, and quality materials provide years of trouble free service.
  • Requires very little floor space
  • Glues panels in seconds
  • Easy to operate