Automatic Pressing Liens for Solid Wood Edge and Face Gluing (PL/9-CS, GB13, GB13 SUPER, FAST)

Machine Information

Italpresse automatic pressing lines for solid wood edge and face gluing are ideal to produce solid wood panels using hard and soft wood, thin panels, beams, doors and windows frames, ladders, tables, cupboard doors, coffins, etc.

The simplest configuration consists of automatic assembly and loading into the press, the press with both vertical and lateral thrust and an unloading platform. The following can be added: wood strip automatic loaders, single lane and multi-lane automatic feeders, vertical roller glue spreaders, horizontal glue spreaders, transversal and longitudinal cutters (also tiltable).

The gluing technologies available on our systems are: cold, hot with assembled platens or made of solid steel drilled for circulation of heating fluid or with high frequency generators.