Multi-Daylight Hot Presses (MAGNUM)

Machine Information

The multi-daylight hot pressing lines with 2 or 3 layers provide for the simultaneous loading into the press of multiple panels by means of a multi-level automatic loader.

Different sizes, specific pressure and number of daylights are available, depending on the production needs and requirements. The line can feature an individual multi-daylight press or as two independent superimposed multi-daylight presses, served by a single loader.

The second solution proves to be necessary when, for high productivity requirements, a large number of daylights are required. In this case, it is very advantageous to reduce the time interval between the end of the composition and the start of the pressing, dividing the total number of daylights into two completely independent daylights..

A wide range of automatic devices and services for laminate flooring with 2 or 3 layers is available: feeding systems of the noble strips, of the support and counter-balancing panels, glue spreading systems, various automatic systems for the coupling of the different layers, loading and unloading of the press, cooling and stacking devices.