PP2-NCF Automatic Dovetail Routing Machine

Machine Information

The Hoffmann PP2-NCF freestanding, automatic dovetail routing machine is equipped with two high speed router motors to process two workpieces simultaneously. The supplied 45 degree fence plate, which is guided in a keyway in the machine table, is used to accurately position the material on the table.

Quality Construction with hardened ball and screw drive and NC stepper motor
The motors brackets are mounted on a precision ball-and-screw spindle for fast and accurate lateral positioning via servo motor. The routing height (upward travel of router motors) is also electronically controlled to within 0.5mm.

Fully programmable for wide range of profile dimensions
The operator can select to rout only one, two or three dovetail keyways into each miter face and a different routing height can be programmed for each keyway location.
Keyway locations and routing heights can be entered manually on the color touchscreen or by downloading a cut-list from a USB memory stick.
Keyway locations and routing heights for a given moulding profile can be stored with the unique moulding number for later recall.

One machine – many applications
Hoffmann PP2-NCF is the ideal dovetail routing machine for operations that use a number of different moulding sizes frequently. Typical customers include picture frame and mirror frame operations, millwork and cabinet shops, moulding suppliers and plantation shutter manufacturers.

Increased productivity and quality from perfectly aligned dovetail keyways
Being able to program keyway locations and storing the data with a customer defined file name, e.g “Shutter Z-frame, large” or “Nantucket Mirror Frame” allows for quick and reliable recall and assures every pieces of moulding has Hoffmann Keyways routed in exactly the same locations. this assures perfectly aligned and tight miters every time.

For Plantation Shutter Operations we offer optional support blocks for various Z-Frame Moulding. These precision-machined aluminum support blocks are manufactured to customers’ specifications to match their profiles perfectly We also offer additional horizontal hold-down clamps to secure difficult to machine profiles.

The machine is equipped with a foot switch to activate the material clamps.
Upon depressing of the switch, the following routing sequence is initiated by pressing a START button on the control panel:

  • motors are switched on and router heads advance up until the pre-set height position is reached, then return below table
  • router heads move to second or third location and repeat routing sequence
  • pneumatic clamps release workpieces

Output is approx. 16 routing strokes per minute, which translates into 4 completely processed rectangular frames. These numbers include material handling, but obviously depend on overall frame size, routing depth, feed speed, material flow and operator performance as well. Flow control valves on the main pneumatic cylinder allow the operator to adjust the upward and downward feed rate independently, depending on the material being processed. A 4″ diameter dust collection port in the back is used to connect a central dust collection system.