CNC-DUO CNC Automatic T.C.T. Circular Saw Double Side Grinder
Fully 7-Axes CNC Control, oil coolant ready


Machine Information

The CNC-DUO is a rapid, CNC controlled automatic double side grinding machine that is capable of grinding all common forms on T.C.T. circular saws up to Ø600mm in one cycle.

All the operation is simple, referencing only from one tooth. All the rest of the adjustments are automatically done by CNC controlled axes. All the negative and positive geometries are done in one single pass.

CNC is designed to grind various types of T.C.T. circular saw blades, generally used for cutting timber, pressboard, PVC and aluminum. Its aim is to provide a clean and undamaged cutting edge for the materials used.

CNC-DUO is an ideal machine for carbide-tipped circular saws production. With CNC control all desired geometric settings can be performed from display. User-friendly interface and machine’s ease of use minimizes need for intervention by operator. It is high speed and precision full 7-axis CNC controlled side grinding machine. Additionally, to CNC-DUO usual equal side grinding machine, special vertical working grinding heads were integrated.