Compact wood waste shredder for the small to mid-sized shop.

Wood is a valuable raw material that can be used down to the last chip, and this is what WEIMA WL4 Wood Waste Shredder delivers. When processed into wood chips, the wood waste can be used for direct energy generation in combustion plants or to produce briquettes. WEIMA’s wood waste shredders are ideal for reducing bulky scrap into a more manageable size which can greatly reduce your waste disposal costs.

Why Weima WL4 Wood Waste Shredder?

  • Stop paying to dispose of waste bins that are mainly just air.
  • By reducing your waste to chips, you can maximize the use of your disposal bin, which greatly reduces your disposal fees.
  • Waste can also be reduced for direct energy generation or in the production of briquettes.
  • The global popularity of this shredder series assures high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio.
  • Typical applications include all kinds of hardwood and softwood, waste wood, OSB and MDF, veneer, plywood, stairs, doors, and pallets.

  • High horsepower, low RPM can shred a wide range of waste, including.
  • Motor power from 11 to 18.5 kW.
  • Robust machine’s construction giving it a long operating life.
  • The shredded wood can be collected by a dust collector system or discharged onto a traditional conveyor.
  • The profiled innovative “V” Rotor is made of solid material and mounted on stable rotor bearings.
  • Special blade holders are welded into milled blade pockets around its circumference.
  • The cutting knives are set into these and screwed on from the back, ensuring quick and easy blade changing.

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