VCenter-Series Vertical Machining Centers

Machine Information

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Due to the big demand of the vertical machining centers in early 80’s, Victor Taichung produced the first VM3 in 1985, and then VM5 and shortly after, Vcenter-4. Until now, the experience of making the VMCs has helped Victor Taichung exceed the average quality among 100 VMC machine makers in Taiwan. With the self-owned Meehanite licensed foundry producing constant quality, and all Fanuc control components and the heavy duty construction makes the machines suitable for the heavy used production line. The range of VMCs is from 21″ to 57″ on X-axis travel, optional with pallet changer. For the moving column model, the X-axis travel is up to 80″. The range of the spindle speed is from 6000 to 15000 rpm. The standard 3-step working status lights and air conditioner for electrical apply to all models.

The next model for the moving column machine is Vc-X300 for 5-axis machining.