TigerRack Positioner


Machine Information

The new TigerRack brings the TigerStop’s ease of use to metalworking shops in a tough and durable package. The TigerRack couples a precision rack and pinion system with a high power AC servo motor in a cost effective package All this with steel faceplates and metal ready options, and the TigerRack is an ideal positioning solution for individual work stations or fully automated multi line factories.

The TigerRack, and all TigerStop products, are quickly and easily attached to just about any machine tool – including cold and band saws, iron workers, punches, and brakes. Operators then simply enter a position dimension into the TigerRack’s easy-to-use keypad and hit “Start”. The positioner moves to within 0.008” (0.2mm) of the required dimension – and best of all, the TigerRack holds its accuracy time after time.

The bottom line with the TigerRack is less setup time and better accuracy. This means a more productive shop or factory with less scrap.

Built Metal Tough

The TigerRack is part of TigerStop’s Built Metal Tough line of products. These are products with features and durability that metal working shops and plants have come to expect from their equipment. Does this mean that TigerStop’s Built Metal Tough products are only good for metal applications? Nah – in fact, they’ll work anywhere you need a tough and durable system to position lots of material quickly and accurately.