Column Type Series Precision Surface Grinders

Machine Information

  • Both v-ways of the table are precision ground and hand scraped, they are lubricated by hydrostatic lubrication  system for smoother movement and longer machine life. The table moves in the longitude axes only while the machines column moves in the cross feed axes. The table is fully supported by the base casting event when at either end position.
  • All of the major cast iron compoenents such as the base, table, table, colum, wheel head and saddle are honey comb ribbed and are annealed to relieve stress improving the machine performance and life expectancy
  • The vertical travel of the wheel head is driven by a precision ground ball screw and AC servo motor with encoder. The slide ways are lubricated by an automatic lube system to ensure smooth movements
  • Easy setting of the cross travel, for automatic cross feed is ion the control panel setting distance and reversal points viz the push buttons on the control panel