Norma Microtools Grinding Machine

Machine Information

Schneeberger has developed a machine with an innovative concepts, which is unparalleled in this specific market segment of micro tool production.

The NORMA microTools is the only machine that can grind both the diameter and the front in one clamping. Therefore, the need of a grinding machine to prep blanks is not necessary.

As a result, the NORMA microTools is the only machine on the market that can produce very small lot sizes (even single pieces) and very large lot sizes (up to 1700 pieces), which is an near impossible task on other machines.

The NORMA microTools is equipped with a robot that can carry out a tool change with just 6 seconds of chip to chip time. An optical longitudinal scale system with a resolution of 50 nanometres ensures the highest precision on all axes.

In the NORMA microTools, a camera supports the setup process for the steady rest, with a 3-point support and centering of the workpieces. The machine is standard equipped with a dressing unit to maintain the grinding wheel in perfect condition at all times. An indispensable option for the modern and efficient production of micro tools.