Aries ENP 4 4 CNC Axes Grinding Machine

Machine Information

Grinding machine with 4 CNC axes and a total of 6 mechanical axes. This enables universal use to regrind shaft tools, side milling cutters, hob cutters and special tools. Both the breast and the tooth back can be reground. PLC programs can be called up for all known sharpening procedures. The ARIES is very easy to use. It does not require any CNC knowledge.

Sharpening tools for metal machining using the ARIES: Spiral slots, contour and front. Standard tools, cylindrical milling cutters, hob cutters, slot milling cutters, counterbore, countersink, etc. The cutting quality reaches the CNC level without problems.

Sharpening tools for wood machining using the ARIES: Standard endmills, slot milling cutters, shell end mill for CNC machining centre, axis angle tools up to a diameter of 350mm and planer heads up to a length of 300mm.

The ARIES can be equipped with hydro clamping for the highest concentricity accuracy. A scanning program determines the exact slot position and whether the tool spirals to the left or the right. The C-axis position of the grinding discs results from this. The speed of the double grinding spindle can be programmed from 2000 to 9000 rpm. By using CBN and diamond grinding discs, the truing process is not required.

In order to increase user-friendliness or to expand the usage possibilities, the following options are available: Extraction, central lubrication, 3D sensor, radial, measuring and positioning device enp5130 to set the perfect concentricity for wood tools, a multitude of clamping devices and grinding disc holders