Knife Edge Honing Device

Machine Information

  • Short edge honing times
  • Long last of the cutting edge
  • Particulary suitable for guillotine and veneer knives
  • Suitable for knives of any length
  • It grants a safe work
  • The result is independent from the operator
  • The knife edge honing is obtained by means of 4 rotating Arkansas stones (natural stones).
  • The pressure of the tool is enough to do the job.
  • The edge honing angle is easy to regulate.
  • Box with oil for the lubrification of the Arkansas stones.
  • The knife must be fixed vertically in 3 points, 2 external and 1 in the center, in order to have it perfectly linear.

Complete with:
4x Arkansas oil stone rings, 40 mm dia & 1x Depot Home Container w/ tools, sponge, & Svc Instructions

  • The Reform Precision Hone will give you the finest possible honed finish on any type of knife.
  • This ingeniously designed unit is simply placed and moved on the knife to be honed. The honing results which can be achieved with this are definitely superior to hand honing in most situations.
  • How many people know how to hand hone properly.
  • Suitable for any knife length
  • Can be used on knives of practically any thickness on account of its large swivel range.
  • Four or five honing points insure perfectly uniform and neat honing of the knife
  • Durable honing rings made from genuine Arkansas oil-stone can be replaced easily and are easily maintained.
  • Considerably less time is required for honing while achieving far better results.
  • Longer edge life through densified knife edge.