The Job Shop Powerhouse.

The Quickmill Annihilator Gantry Machining Center was designed with one thought in mind: to deliver over-the-top performance to not just set you apart from your competitors. To ANNIHILATE them.

With the speed and precision of a fighter jet and the power and strength of a freight train, the Annihilator can handle anything you throw at it. The rigid gantry design combined with our high-speed axis drive system allows for faster processing times, allowing you to process your parts with ease. The Annihilator is not for those who are content with ‘good enough’, it’s for those who understand the true value of the performance; for those who want the job done right.

This is not your run of the mill machining center, this is the metal chewing, tough as nails Annihilator Gantry.

Why Quickmill Annihilator Gantry Machining Center?

  • X/Y/Z Travels from 60”/180”/26” to 120”/220”/26” for Standard Models
  • Wide variety of table sizes, Z_axis gaps, and spindles to choose from
  • Well suited for the machining of any big, heavy, awkward parts
  • Capable of taking on applications like milling and drilling forged flanges, machining of automotive part molds, machining of draw dies, machining of offroad wear edge parts, drilling heat exchanger tube sheets, general purpose machining, and more


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Akhurst has made the move to distribute all of Anderson’s machines under one brand, Anderson. Anderson is the world leading CNC router manufacturer, with over 20 thousand machines sold worldwide and 5 thousand only in the US market.

The WTD is back with extended dates, now giving visitors five days to visit our members’ extensive showrooms and see the latest new technology, including some North American premieres. No other show or single event offers you such a wide display of woodworking equipment, combined with impressive live demonstrations at each location.