Protec CNC Throughfeed Machine

Machine Information

The Protec is designed to meet all the milling functions necessary for the complete production of cabinets, drawers and other components requiring drilling and grooving. Additional options include routing and gluing and insertion of dowels. There are also many drilling aggregate options available.

What differentiates the Protec from a traditional machining center or router?

  • The Protec can be programmed in feed through and feed and return mode.
  • Precise processing of small parts. Solid steel table as reference point (especially horz. boring unlike machining center) guarantees very accurate milling.
  • No vacuum pods to constantly rearrange.
  • Fast working speed with no large aggregate moving back and forth over a large area.
  • Faster edge or end boring.
  • Feed through allows for unlimited workpiece length.
  • Protec, unlike all conventional machining centers mills from under the workpiece making dust collection more efficient as well as extending tooling life.
  • Bar code and network ready with online computer support to factory.
  • Protec is the ideal machine for the small and large manufacturer.