Powermax 300 PLUS Finger Joint Line


Machine Information

  • Stable heavy welded construction.
  • Pneumatic clamping for stable positioning of the workpieces.
  • Lenze PLC – steering with operation via touchscreen.
  • 2 Servo motor gear boxes for HD chain conveyor for high-speed through feed of the pieces.
  • 1 Servo motor gear box for carriage stroke.
  • 1 Servo motor gear box for automatic height setting + clamping of pieces.
  • 2 Servo motor gear boxes for both saw strokes.
  • 2 Sawing motors with inverter 3,0 kW/50Hz/2.880 rpm.
  • 2 High-speed milling motors with inverter 7,5 kW/200Hz/12.000 rpm.
  • 1 Motor gearbox with inverter for waste conveyor.
  • 1 Photo electric sensor inside the fence for front/end detection of the pieces.
  • 1 Luminescence sensor for fluorescent marking detection.
  • Machine is totally closed by safety-door.

The operations that can be performed:

  1. Defect cutting
  2. End matching
  3. Applying glue
  4. Pressing

Standard the machine has two main programs:

  1. Profiling
  2. Crosscutting

Lenze PLC Control

The plc-controller is equipped with the modern high servo technology of Lenze.

Operation via user-friendly touchscreen. Combined with remote access via the Internet, this provides the user with the highest possible reliability and flexibility.

Continuous High Accuracy

Because of the unique resilient through feed system at the bottom and the Servo controlled pressure bar at the top, the workpieces are always forced against the 0-point over the entire width, facing the exposed side up.

Available Units

  • 2 Cutterheads for End matching / Finger jointing. Cutterhead carriage and clamp system utilizing HD lineal bearings.
  • 2 Cut off sawing units with inverters for variable blade speed and servo control for cutting speed.
  • 2 Glue matrix


Feeding System

Continuous high speed feeding system with accurate positioning utilizing HD Servo drivers


Length-measuring System

A length measuring system displays the calculated total length, square meters, number of pieces and waste on the display during production.


Belt Conveyor

Powered belt conveyor with drive motor for waste cut off pieces.



We can offer tooling with the machine.

Cutterheads for standard T&G are equipped with carbide inserts, special tools are also possible.