Ring of Fire Thermal Cutting/Coping Machine

Machine Information

In the world of fabrication there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ equipment. Each machine has an ideal application, and for each Fabricator there is an ideal machine. It’s easy to see why a fabricator would be intrigued by the ability to process all items on one machine, when it comes to plasma there are things to consider before knowing that it is the ideal solution for your shop’s production, now and into the future. The Ring of Fire is ideally suited in three types of facilities: 1.Fabricators with existing equipment in place 2.Manufacturers that deal with a wide variety of unique production requirements 3.Fabricators that require high volumes of tube production

360º Plasma Technology

The Ring of Fire Thermal Processor utilizes a never before seen 360º approach to plasma cutting. A single Hypertherm Plasma torch is fixed to a rotating “ring” which is capable of revolving in excess of 360º around the profile being processed. This allows the machine to process all 4 sides of a tube; process each side of a beam, angle, or channel; and mark on 4 sides of any structural member.

Hypertherm HPR400 Plasma Cutting

The Peddinghaus Ring of Fire comes standard with the Hypertherm HPR400XD plasma unit. The HyPerformance HPR400XD system, with HyDefinition and PowerPierce technologies, is designed to combine faster cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers, and high reliability to maximize productivity in cutting, beveling, and marking.

The HPR400XD system is capable of piercing up to 50 mm (2”) thick steel and up to 80 mm (3.2 ”) when starting from an edge. Typical cutting speed for 12 mm (1/2”) thick mild steel is 4.3MPM (170 IPM).

Laser Surface Detection

No longer are thermal processors required to probe the surface of material using the tip of the torch. State of the art laser surface detection employed by Peddinghaus allows for touch free probing. This not only makes surface detection faster, but more accurate than ever before.

When compared to antiquated electric arc probing, the laser probe is in no way affected by the presence of rust, or mill scale.

Automatic Parts Conveyer

Smaller components, scrap, and thermal byproduct created by the Ring of Fire is automatically conveyed to a hopper safely away from the machine for fast and efficient removal. Parts can be moved to further production processes without the need to stop the machine.

This allows continuous production to be achieved.

Roller Measurement

Peddinghaus’ Roller Measurement allows for supreme flexibility in regards to material handling, and scrap savings. This unique form of measurement actually drives the material through the machine with a powerful pinch roller mechanism. By applying a set of precision encoders that track distance the material has traveled, the machine is able to quickly and accurately produce perfect parts.

Benefits of the Peddinghaus Roller Feed system can include:

  • Minimized footprint – store material outside, and allow material to easily pass through a small doorway through the exterior walls of your facility
  • No length restriction – stock length is dictated only by weight
  • Load profiles of all shapes and sizes one after another without any stop in production – no need to wait for the return or unload of a gripper carriage, no need to change clamping devices
Electrical Features

From the electrical cabinet to the drive motors, the Ring of Fire is equipped with Siemens electronics from top to bottom. Siemens provides the industry’s leading quality, spare parts guarantee and availability no matter where in the globe the end user is located.


Peddinghaus equipment is versatile when it comes to CAD/CAM software options. Whether it’s the allure of a full-blown 3D package for structural programming, or the simplicity and economy available with Peddinghaus’ established software Peddimat, there is a solution for every need.