Peddirotator Turning Device for Welding

Peddinghaus Peddirotator

Machine Information

The PeddiRotator is designed for turning structural profiles and welded consutrctions without the need for a crane. Increase your productivity and save more than 30-40% of working time!

The PeddiRotator is developed for turning heavy and bulky loads such as beams and welded connections quickly and safely.

  • No waiting for the crane or forklifts
  • Working in every position
  • 2 Turning directions and adjustable height
  • Very easy and fast to use
  • Mobile system, movable with forklift or crane
  • Up to 50′ (15M) distance between the 2 stands
  • Durable chain for safety when turning (no belts)
  • Very robust construction for long life

Large application field:

  • Turning device for welding
  • Grinding operation
  • Panting
  • Assembling
  • Fast visual inspection after welding with 360°