PEDDINGHAUS | PeddiRotator Beam Rotator

Achieve Complete Control of Fit-Up and Welding Processes with 360° Functionality.

A design that you would expect from Peddinghaus, the Peddinghaus PeddiRotator Beam Rotator falls nothing short of robust, compact and safe. Featuring a small footprint, this beam rotator takes up minimal space in your production line, and remains durable for machine longevity. Avoid typical crane hazards and improve employee health with better welding posture.

Why Peddinghaus PeddiRotator Beam Rotator?

  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Possesses the ability to allow fork trucks to load and unload material with ease; no more waiting for cranes
  • The PeddiRotator takes less than 1 minute for turns in a welding process, whereas it takes up to 5 minutes for a crane and forklift
  • 360 degree welding functionality
  • Arms designed to open and close with the weight of the workpiece via springs
  • Utilizes minimal space to make quick work of profile rotations
  • Features a steel platform built to withstand punishing shop environments and ensures accurate operations and device longevity

Handle Heavy and Complex Profiles with Dual-Link Chain Design
Durable chains allow for ultimate safety during rotating processes. The heaviest and most complex profiles are securely suspended during rotations and welding.

Easy Loading and Unloading with PeddiRotator Arms
The arms of the PeddiRotator are designed to open and close with the weight of the workpiece via springs. The arms close as the workpiece is lowered into the PeddiRotator, and open as the workpiece is lifted out.

Simple Spacing Adjustment
Process any variation, length and size of material by adjusting the spacing between the two stands with a fork truck. Stands can be as far apart as 50 ft (15 M) allowing multiple welders and fitters to operate simultaneously.

Improve Overall Employee Health
Rotating materials safely and securely without a crane means daily employee safety increases, while machine ergonomics prevent the intense back pain that may come with welding. The PeddiRotator allows welding access from every area in the material, giving fitters and welders the opportunity to focus on output and project precision.

Robust Machine Housing
The PeddiRotator structure boasts a sturdy steel platform built to withstand punishing shop environments. The robust build quality ensures accurate operations and machine longevity.

Handheld Control
The PeddiRotator’s convenient handheld control provides multiple functions for simple operator usage. Control the turning speed and direction with the push of a button.


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