PEDDINGHAUS | PeddiBlast Shot Blast Machine

Shot Blasting for Structural Steel.

In all shops, small or large, the Peddinghaus PeddiBlast Shot Blast Machine is completely configurable to each fabricators’ needs. It is designed to be easily integrated into new or existing shop layouts while utilizing the most sophisticated and robust shot blasting technology. The PeddiBlast has proven to be unrivaled in durability during blasting processes.

Why Peddinghaus PeddiBlast Shot Blast Machine?

  • Partnered with Agtos to create the best blasting machine for structural steel facility
  • Utilizes adjustable air flow to pass through the heavy abrasive and remove any small particles
  • Protected by manganese steel to keep entry points from wear
  • Large blasting hotspot, not offered on any other single disk design turbine
  • PeddiBlast turbines are strong power units which are highly cost effective due to fewer wear parts and a high abrasive flow
  • Complete control of blasting process from control interface

Powerful Blasting Turbine
Turbines on the PeddiBlast shot blast machine fall nothing short of strong, cost-effective power units. With blades built from tough manganese steel, the turbine housing is wear-resistant. This ensures the turbine will be able to operate for prolonged periods of time between services.

Protective Blast Chamber
Designed to give the turbines unobstructed paths to material being processed within, the chamber ensures successful blasting procedures every time. Abrasive is fed to the turbines via shell valves designed to regulate abrasive flow and limit abrasive consumption, ultimately reducing operating costs.

Abrasive Containment Curtains Keep Operators Safe
Each compartment within the PeddiBlast is outfitted with abrasive containment curtains designed to keep abrasive off the shop floor and keep operators safe from slips and falls.

Bucket Elevator and Wind Separator
A bucket elevator effectively transports new and used abrasive up to the filters of the machine. Separating dust particles and worn out shot reduces the wear on the machine and results in a better blast quality.


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