AngleMaster HD

Machine Information

Precision, accuracy, intelligence, and strength are evident within the Anglemaster-HD. Labeled as Peddinghaus’ most powerful Anglemaster to date, the Anglemaster-HD is pushing angle processing to new heights. Utilizing Smart Cylinder technology and comprehensive material dimensioning the Anglemaster-HD is the only Anglemaster of its kind. 


The Anglemaster-HD comes standard with two punch stations equipped with triple tool punch configurations. Each part produced can include up to three hole shapes or sizes, without the need to manually change tooling as a result. Powered by a 153 metric ton (169 inch ton) punch press, materials up to 25 mm (1″) thick are processed with ease.


A powerful 3 speed single cut shear is incorporated into the Anglemaster-HD for the production of both the thickest and thinnest of materials. The application of single cut shear tooling eliminates the creation of scrap “slugs” commonly experienced with double cut shear tooling, thus reducing scrap costs, and associated material handling overhead for removal and recycling processes.

Measurement System

The Anglemaster-HD features precise positioning using Roller Feed Measurement, eliminating time consuming and cumbersome use of a measuring carriage or truck. The measuring system utilizes a set of precision encoders attached to a set of entry and exit measurement disks to measure material travel. Material can now be transferred from both sides of conveyor and is not limited by stock length.

Optional Lubrication System

The punch and shear of the Anglemaster-HD can be equipped with an optional minimum quantity lubrication system. This system enhances cut quality, and lengthens consumable life for punches, dies, and shear blades. Lubricant employed is an ecologically friendly vegetable oil based solution, which requires no mixing of chemicals and will not freeze solid in sub-freezing temperature environments.

Optional Part Marking

Part stamping and carbide scribing are both available marking options on the Anglemaster-HD. Using a fully configurable table design, marking systems can be placed in a variety of arrangements to suit the unique needs of each fabricator.

Material Clamping

The Anglemaster-HD features an unmatched clamping system for rigid work piece transport through the machine. Equipped with 5 entry and 5 exit clamps for stabilizing material during production, the Anglemaster-HD maintains center to the primary support wheels.

Electrical Features

From the electrical cabinet to the drive motors, the Anglemaster-HD is equipped with Siemens electronics from top to bottom. Siemens provides the industry’s leading quality, spare parts guarantee and availability no matter where in the globe the end user is located.

Raptor Software

Raptor software from Peddinghaus is today’s premier structural machine tool CAD/CAM platform. Equipped with versatile modules intended to import, design, and export part programs, Raptor is fully customizable for the unique needs of the individual fabricator.

Material Handling

Loading and unloading of long angle iron and flat stock sections is costly and difficult work. The Anglemaster-HD’s material handling system alleviates cost and labor associated with moving sections, with the use of a rapid, automated sequence process. Reduced labor and increased shop efficiency results in a more profitable processing of angle/detail parts.

Material does not need electricity, heat, or shelter in order to be stored. Peddinghaus’ Roller Feed design makes it easy to place material handling outdoors. On top of saving shop space, this innovative method eliminates unnecessary crane handling that inhibits other operations inside of your shop. Easily unload delivery trucks outside, and load the conveyor without slowing shop flow.