The Industry’s Heaviest Anglemaster.

Precision, accuracy, intelligence, and strength are evident within the Peddinghaus Anglemaster-HD CNC Angle Line. Labeled as Peddinghaus’ most powerful Anglemaster to date, the Anglemaster-HD is pushing angle processing to new heights. Utilizing Smart Cylinder technology and comprehensive material dimensioning the Anglemaster-HD is the only Anglemaster of its kind.

Detail components make up the smallest tonnage of any fabricators’ workload, but consistently demand the highest amount of labor. The Anglemaster-HD CNC angle line has the ability to process both a fabricators’ thinnest angle stock and thickest angle stock.

The Anglemaster-HD is the perfect angle line for punching, shearing, roller measurement, hard stamping, and scribing. Constructed for maximum productivity.

Why Peddinghaus Anglemaster-HD CNC Angle Line?

  • Comes standard with two punch stations equipped with three tool punch configurations
  • Powerful three speed single cut shear for production of the thickest and thinnest metals
  • Precise positioning system
  • Optional minimal quantity lubrication system
  • Optional part marking

Triple Tool Punch Press
Two 169 ton punch cylinders each with three punch stations per hydraulic press allow the Anglemaster-HD to apply up to three different hole shapes/sizes per leg. This CNC angle line can accommodate shaped holes such as squares, rectangles, obrounds and slots.

Powerful Shearing
The Anglemaster-HD uses a single cut 515 ton shear press for the cutting to length angle and flat stock. A single cut shear mechanism eliminates the slug created by double cut shear mechanisms.

SignoScript Carbide Scribing
The SignoScript layout marking attachment eliminates human error in manual layout methods. Complete information is maintained throughout blasting, galvanizing and painting processes.

SignoMat Part Stamping
The SignoMat part stamping unit stamps at an unmatched 1 character per second with a depth of 1/32″ (.8 mm) and a total height of 1/2″ (12 mm). The unit holds up to 36 characters for complete part marking ability.

Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Technology
Equipped with the Peddinghaus Roller Feed measurement system, the Anglemaster-HD maximizes contact with the material at all times. This Roller Feed technology ensures a constant roll and an accurate measurement given deviations in material.

Infeed and Outfeed Material Handling
The infeed and outfeed material handling system, designed for continuous production, keeps the operator safe at all times. As drag chain conveyors move material to the infeed conveyors, power material advance initiates steel into the machine. Once sheared, drive rollers advance the finished parts to the unloading zone.


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