ABCM-1250/3 Thermal Cutting/Coping Machine

Machine Information

In the world of fabrication there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ equipment. Each machine has an ideal application, and for each Fabricator there is an ideal machine. The ABCM-1250 coping machine is ideally suited for mid-sized to larger fabricators, or fabricators that require high volumes of welded connections.

  • Ideal for the Automation of Common Copes: Shops that require web cutouts, flange penetrations, slotted tubes, block copes, “rat holes”, “dog bones”, and more find the ABCM performs each of these cuts flawlessly and at the lowest possible labor cost.
  • Used as a Coper and a Miter Saw: Does your shop currently have a straight cut saw and just can’t justify the investment of a miter saw? Is your current cutting capacity overburdened? Combine your coping and miter cutting into one operation on the ABCM.
  • Used for the Application of Split-T Sections: Structural split T’s are no problem with the Peddinghaus ABCM-1250 coping machine.