Ideal for special or unusual applications.

Pacific Press’ horizontal hydraulic press is ideally suited to bar, shaft, and plate straightening, and in addition may be fitted with a number of tools to perform such work as bar, angle and channel cut-off, rail/structural contouring & straightening, and numerous other applications where the horizontal configuration and smooth, long stroke hydraulic power are assets.

Throat depth modifications are offered up to 48”, allowing plate straightening capabilities not available on vertical configuration machines. The cost savings to the user in material handling time alone are significant compared to other types of equipment. A fully adjustable cam and switch allows the operator to alter the position of the speed change at will.

Horizontal presses have a unique hydraulic system that protects itself from overloads, and is offered with the two speed system as standard. The ram advances the work in the “rapid advance” mode and then automatically shifts to a slow pressing speed (at full tonnage) to accomplish the work. A fully adjustable cam and switch allows the operator to alter the position of the speed change at will.

The stroke is infinitely adjustable (within its range) to reduce the non-productive portion of the working stroke. When the ram reaches the stroke limit switch setting, it automatically returns to the rear position.

A removable T-slotted tool holder provides the means to attach various tools such as straightening or die blocks to the ram. Heavy rolled steel interlocked plate construction ensures long life of the frame and hydraulic packings.

Why the Pacific Press Horizontal Hydraulic Presses?

  • Up to 1,250 tons
  • Extremely robust frame for ultimate rigidity
  • A unique press ideal for unusual applications
  • Gib-guiding
  • Lowest deflection standards on the market
  • Most repeatable machine on the market
  • Heavy cast iron gibbing
  • Heavy-duty stacked valve system
  • Single-piece cast switches
  • End lugs
  • Movable foot switches
  • Breaking up anodes or castings
  • Bending and straightening structural sections, I-beams and channels
  • Bending and straightening plate
  • Punching, piercing, slotting, and notching
  • Cutting off heavy angle stock