All features of the K series machines with added HMI control capabilities.

Whether you have a highly repeatable process that simply requires a work horse like the Pacific Press K-Series large press brakes, or you are a job shop that frequently changes programs and needs the CNC capabilities of the Pacific Press FK Series large press brakes to keep up, Pacific has a press brake for every application.

Why the Pacific Press FK Series Large Press Brakes?

  • ± .001” Ram Repeatability
  • Compact, High Speed Hydraulic System
  • Automatic Decompression System
  • Ram Tilt Adjustment
  • Non-Overload Relief Valve System
  • Automatic Tonnage Control
  • Electronic Servo Level & Depth Control System


  • Programmable
  • Precise within .001” under load
  • Automatic tonnage, stroke, and depth control
  • Non-prorietary PC-based control technology

Footswitch Control

  • ‘Run’ and ‘Up’ switches guarded and mounted on a single base plate with ‘Emergency Stop’ button on top.

Pedestal Mounted Two-Hand Control

  • Guarded ‘Run’, ‘Up’ and ‘Emergency Stop’ buttons mounted in one single enclosure, and keyed selector switch to choose between Two-Hand Control or Footswitch Control.

Pacific Exclusive Ram Level Bypass

  • This Pacific exclusive feature saves the operator time and eliminates the need to loosen hydraulic lines and raise the ram to level position manually.


  • Foot switches and two-hand run controls come standard with every machine to promote operator safety. Light curtain, laser safety systems, and area scanners are also available.