Unrivaled in quality.

For decades, the Pacific Press C-frame hydraulic presses have been unrivaled in quality. With every machine designed and built for robust precision, all C-frame presses have a repeatability standard of .001” under load, and enjoy key features.

Over 75 years ago, Pacific built the first hydraulic press brake. Today, we have over 15,000 installations in the field, and we’re still making robust, precision machines in the heart of America. Stress relieved throats for long machine life, Pacific offers C-frame press models up to 750 tons.  With a wide variety of options available, each press can be customized to fit your production requirements.

Pacific’s C-frame presses are fast and easy to set up and have been used in a broad range of jobs, from single-cycle operations to automated cell components.

Why the Pacific Press C-Frame Hydraulic Presses?

  • Heavy Duty Welded Frame
  • Integration Capabilities
  • 2:1 Cylinder to piston ratio: makes Pacific’s machines great for punching applications
  • Lowest deflection standards on the market
  • Most repeatable machine on the market
  • Custom HMI designs available to integrate into your process
  • Gib-guided design available for off center loading
  • Blanking
  • Punching
  • Deep Draw Work
  • Forming
  • Straightening
  • Assembly Options