SAC-SI Decoiler Applicator for Finish Foil Papers with Automatic Cut


Machine Information

This equipment provided a sensational contribution to OSAMA TECH’s entry into the large-scale industrial production of cladding for panels, plywood, MDF, chipboard and doors – followed by the building industry, with plasterboard to be clad with aluminium insulation, raised flooring, mobile walls, PVC, cork and many, many other coil-based cladding materials.

Configurations are hardly ever the same, each of our customers has their own particular requests and the SAC-SI decoiler applicator is always customised for the type of work, cutting system and excess waste involved. It is also combined with other types of machines using different types of glue and hence different spreading methods.

We have supplemented this unit with PUR technology, designing the “compact” version which includes an application for hot melt glue and a decoiler applicator built into the same structure.

Our experience in this sector as well spans over 20 years, face to face with world class companies working at the highest levels.