Automatic 4 Roller Gluer for Hot Melt Glues


Machine Information

HOTMASTER is our best-designed roller spreader, for use in the woodworking and construction fields, suitable for applying hot melt PUR glues on panels in chipboard, MDF and OSB, EPS, etc. where adhesion is difficult for traditional glues and it is possible to use double the quantity per square metre and unthinkable drying times.

Hot melt glues, besides ensuring immediate setting on panels clad in glass, plastic, rubber, sheet metal etc. also achieve amazing processing times, practically in line and first time through, using laminating calenders with traditional rollers.

HOTMASTER uses a diathermic oil heating system mounted inside the chrome-plated dispenser rollers and powered by electrical resistances. Internal probes automatically control and correct temperature changes of even one degree, with PLC touch screen monitoring.

It is possible to reduce the “glue’s field of action” in the upper part of the dispenser/spreader roller and in the chrome-plated/chrome-plated configuration, by means of Teflon side gaskets, installed inside the standard gaskets.