High-performance nesting CNC router for maximum output.

The Omnitech Systems Selexx Series CNC Router has been developed specifically with higher production CNC router requirements demanding the utmost precision and accuracy, all within a cost-effective investment. The Selexx is the ideal CNC router for nesting applications as it is packed with standard and optional features to maximize output.

Omnitech Systems Selexx Series CNC Router

Why Omnitech Systems Selexx Series CNC Router?

  • A robust machine design combined with powerful features provides faster processing speeds to meet today’s manufacturing requirements.
  • Offering nested panel processing at a competitive price, the Selexx Series can process up to 50 sheets of nested cabinet parts a day.
  • With a new graphic user interface that will simplify operator tasks, the Omnitech Selexx Series offers the reliability of a FANUC control with the ease of use of a PC.
  • Efficiency is the key to looking at the powerful features that come standard on the SELEXX, including onboard 8-position tool changer, multi-spindle boring head, auto tool touch off, and material push-off unit.

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  • Industrial design with cast iron gantry for superior cutting speeds & cut quality.
  • Fully versatile CNC machine with HSK electro-spindle, dynamic ride-along tool changer, and drilling head, which are optimum for CNC nesting applications.
  • Superior vacuum holds down using its highly efficient vacuum plenum design.
  • Available in three versions with either 4’x8′, 5’x10′, or 5’x12′ table design.

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