High-speed nesting line for maximum throughput.

The Omnitech Selexx Full Line CNC Router is a fully integrated automatic nesting CNC router line that greatly reduces cycle times by shortening the loading and unloading operations.  The full line system allows for automated part labelling, automatic loading and offloading capabilities to the already full-featured Omnitech Selexx Series CNC Router. Available as both a complete line or in customized selections, the Selexx Full Line CNC Router can be configured to meet your workflow demands in a fully functional package. These features are designed to increase production by minimizing the loading and unloading cycle time and improved part identification resulting in faster assembly times.

Omnitech Systems Selexx Full Line CNC Router

Why Omnitech Systems Selexx Full Line CNC Router?

  • Increase productivity by reducing the loading & unloading operations.
  • Optional automatic bar code or part labelling for improved part identification.
  • Scissor lift indexing table in combination with the suction loading system allows for the automatic loading of sheets.
  • Automatic pusher and dust suction device push parts onto a motorized conveyor while cleaning the spoil board, making it ready to load the next sheet.
  • High-speed nesting cell with a single operator.
  • Industrial Omnitech CNC router with superior cutting speeds for maximum throughput.

The Omnitech Fully Automatic CNC Router Line Consists of:

  • Automatic scissor lift table with three-ton load-bearing capacity for full bundles of panel materials.
  • Omnitech Selexx CNC Router Models MATE (4×8’), PAL (5×10’), and CHIEF (5×12’) can be equipped with fully automated loading and offloading systems.
  • Dust gate to remove any dust and debris from the bottom of the processed sheet.
  • Automatic conveyor table for the offloading of finished parts.
  • It can also be equipped with automatic part labelling.
  • Automatic loading and offloading system.

Loading Device

  • The Suction Cup Loading Device and Integrated Vacuum Cleaning System is standard on the OMNITECH Full Line CNC Router.
  • The Integrated Vacuum Cleaning System ensures that all dust and debris is removed from the machine table prior to loading the next sheet.
  • The six (6) industrial-strength vacuum cups will load and position sheet material onto the tabletop without scratching the surfaces and align them perfectly against the pop-up pins.

Automatic labelling system

  • A popular option to add to the nesting line is the automatic label printer.
  • Through its stand-alone software and controller, the label printer effectively reduces the amount of cycle time needed by completing the application of labels before the panel is cut.

*Akhurst Machinery Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for Omnitech Systems in Canada. For US inquiries, visit

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