Eliminate Unnecessary Costs of Moving Materials In Your Shop.

The Ocean Machinery Eliminator Modular Material Handling System eliminates the unnecessary material handling in structural steel that is destroying productivity and profitability. On average fabricators handle each beam 17-20 times from the time the raw material arrives at his shop to the time it has it on the truck ready to be shipped to site.

Removing this non-value-added component from your fabrication process must be one of your highest priorities.

And to this end, Ocean Machinery designed a totally modular system that can be modified, extended or upgraded at any time, not locking in the customer to a system that gets outdated the minute it is installed.

Why Ocean Machinery Eliminator Modular Material Handling System?

  • Simple to configure
  • The entire Eliminator system is suppled as a complete, easy-to-install system with the variable speed drives, operating control pedestal, and all hoses and fittings included in the price
  • Exceptionally affordable and customizable material handling system for structural steel profiles
  • Ideal for saws, beam drilling or punch lines, beam coping lines, shot blast machines, paint lines, etc.
  • Significantly reduce your labour and fabrication costs, as well as the safety of your workplace

The Ocean Eliminator System is a totally modular system that can comprises 3 components (see below) that can be added to the system at any time without any modification.

Unlike other competitive material handling systems, the entire Ocean Eliminator Modular Material Handling System is supplied as a complete, easy-to-install system and includes the variable speed drives, operating control pedestal as well as all the hoses and fittings.

So when you purchase the Ocean Eliminator System, you have no hidden costs.

The Three Components of the Eliminator System are:

Electrically Powered 30″ and 44″ Wide Roller Conveyors

  • The powered roller conveyors are available in 4′ and 9′ lengths using 3″ OD rolls on 18′ centers. Any length of in-feed or out-feed conveyor can be created by a combination of 4ft and 9ft sections. (Note: A 1 ft gap between adjacent roller sections allows the insertion of cross transfer tables at any time.)
  • The drive is provided via an electric inverter drive with variable speed control driving a heavy duty #60 chain over covered chain sprockets.
  • A typical roller conveyor system comprises in and out feed conveyors and requires one Master drive control plus one Slave drive.
  • The control pedestal allows the selection of either infeed or out-feed conveyor (or both) and a control joystick to select direction and speed.

Hydraulically Powered Cross Transfer Conveyors

Cross transfers are used for easy loading and off-loading from your roller conveyors, and are useful in creating a space efficient buffer zone between two machines. Buffer zones are critical to efficient operation especially when each machine has a different processing time.

Cross transfers are available in standard 20ft or 40ft lengths. The 20ft length is used when you only require the material to be moved off one side of the conveyor line. If you want the option of moving the material off either side of the conveyor, then the 40ft cross transfer is used.

Cross transfers are usually 4 or 5 arm systems, and feature chain driven transports using heavy duty #100 chain. These hydraulic lift and carry units move at 20ft per minute in either forward or reverse directions.

Remote Controlled Measuring Stop

The Ocean Eliminator Remote Controlled Measuring system features a stop that is attached to the out-feed conveyor on the machine (typically a band saw or coping machine).

From the part to be cut, the operator sends out the measuring stop to the correct position which is displayed on a CCTV monitor that accurately displays the length to be cut.


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