Clipper CNC Angle Line

Machine Information

The World’s Most Affordable CNC Angle Line

The Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line is not only the world’s most affordable angle line, it is also the world’s most compact angle line.

The unique patented design of the Ocean CLIPPER gives it an edge in the market place where processing clip angles and long bracing angles is a necessity. And the ability of the Clipper to efficiently process short and long flat bar makes this machine so versatile.

The angle processing range is from 1-1/2” x 1-1/2 x 1/8” (40 x 40 x 4mm) up to 6 x 6 x 5/8” (150 x 150 x 15mm), in any length, and for flat bar the range is from 1-1/2×1/4” (40 x 8mm) up to 6 x 5/8” (150 x 15mm).

The CLIPPER uses a unique design featuring two punch units with removeable C-frame tool holders, creating a dramatically more compact machine that is more user-friendly. This small compact size not only reduces the cost significantly, it also reduces the unusable drop to approximately 9″ (230mm).

The small footprint required and the low cost of the machine have resulted in the Ocean CLIPPER Series being the fastest selling angle line in the world, and has made it possible for even the smallest fabricators to have their own automated angle production.

Our smallest CLIPPER customers have fewer than five shop floor employees.

Capability & Design

  • Ocean Machinery, together with its US manufacturing partner, Peddinghaus, has created a superb new CNC angle line that breaks all the rules.
  • The Ocean CLIPPER was specifically created for fabricators desiring a competitive advantage through automation by elimination of manual layout and manual punching of clip angles.
  • The Ocean CLIPPER consists of a hydraulic punch for one leg of the angle and a hydraulic drill (on center with the punch) for the other leg of the angle. This allows for punching and drilling holes on both legs directly opposite each other, without the need for repositioning, which cannot be done on any other CNC angle line. This in turn creates an exceptionally compact machine requiring very little floor space.
  • The maximum angle size is 6 x 6 x 5/8″ (150 x 150 x 16mm).
  • It has the ability to process short clip angles as well as long bracing angles.
  • The Clipper completely eliminates manual layout, and manual drilling / punching.
  • Provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement, eliminating costly field modifications.
  • Very space efficient – no bigger than most ironworkers.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • No computer experience required.
  • Fully automatic punching, drilling, and shearing cycle