MX350M Automatic Edgebander with Pre-Milling

Machine Information

  • The MX350M from Cantek is designed to be a compact & durable entry level edgebander with pre-milling function offered at an affordable price. This machine is equipped with pre-milling, end trimming, flush trimming, PVC scraping, and buffing.  User friendly controls and adjustments allow for efficient changeovers of edge tape thicknesses between 0.4mm & 3mm & wood strips up to 4mm.
      • PLC control system with LED display and keypad
      • Work-piece is fed by chain
      • Edge coil support plate: Ø 800 mm (31.5”), for PVC/ABS
      • Automatic edge feeding with a thickness capacity of 0.4–3 mm
      • Coiled edge bands up to 3 mm in thickness in Hard-PVC/ABS are cut with guillotine shears.
      • 1.2 kg (2.64 lb) Teflon-coated hot-melt glue pot
      • Spring loaded pressure unit with (2) pressure rollers (1 chrome & 1 rubber)
      • Pre-milling unit with (2) counter rotating diamond cutterheads for precise edge quality.
      • 8800 RPM dual saw blade (80mm / 3.15”) end trimming unit
      • 10500 RPM top & bottom trimmers with insert knife cutters for radius trimming & bevel trimming
      • Top & Bottom trimmers use copy tracing wheels for optimum finishing results without scratching the face of the workpiece
      • Radius scraper with 2mm radius
      • 2800 RPM top & bottom buffing units
      • Heavy duty pressure beam with extendable work-piece support
      • Heated infeed fence for pre-heating the panel for optimum glue penetration
      • Mechanical digital readouts for convenient and quick adjustment to the working units & thickness