The unique finger jointing machine that creates a clean joint that does not require post-processing.

The Marinus Powermax Finger Joint Line is a unique finger jointing machine. This compact production line profiles horizontally, applies adhesive, cuts out defects, presses and cuts to length. The unique process creates a clean joint that does not require post-processing.

Why Marinus Powermax Finger Joint Line?

  • High capacity up to 10 joints per minute
  • Horizontal finger joint
  • Contributes to sustainability
  • Clean joint. No post-processing required
  • Defecting, cutting to length, profiling, applying adhesive and pressing
  • Defect Crayon Mark Identification
  • CNC controlled milling carriage and saw blades
  • Dual user-friendly touch controls
  • Online remote support management
  • Advanced Servo Drive & Control Technology by Lenze
  • CE Safety and Electrical Standards – UL/CSA Standards

Pure efficiency

The Powermax finger jointer is a sophisticated machine-line for head end profiling, applying adhesive and horizontal finger jointing of wooden parts.

The machine line consists of a profiling machine, adhesive application unit, press and a cross cut saw. Wooden parts of variable length are fitted with a finger joint profile in the profiling machine. Adhesive is applied during the carriage return stroke. The parts are assembled and pressed together. The pressed joint is pure and does not require finishing. A cross cut saw cuts the assambled parts to a preset fixed length.

Integrated cross cut saw

The Powermax finger joint line is equipped with an integrated cross cut saw. The saw has been safely assambled under a protection cover of the Powermax Press. The product is cut to length immediately after the boards have been pressed together.

The cross cut saw automatically cuts the product to freely adjustable lengths. The processing is done quickly and accurately without any compromise to the finger jointing process. The machine gives you the freedom to produce sized products with as little waste as possible. Efficiency, durability and ease of use gathered in one machine.

Sustainable handling of wood

Wood is a great product but not unlimited available. It is a natural product and we have to deal with it sustainably. The Marinus Powermax Finger Joint line contributes to this.

A strong joint and the advanced process allow you to produce virtually all lengths with minimal waste. The machine can cope with variable lengths. You can easily add a 50cm piece of waste to the process to minimize losses. This machine will help you to create a more sustainable world and you will act very responsible in dealing with wood.

In many cases, the lengths produced may be used in projects where construction strength is required.

Integrated defect saw

The Powermax Fingerjoint Line is equipped with an integrated defect saw as standard. Cutting defects and profiling with just one machine is unique in the wood processing industry. This makes the machine highly efficient and a great addition to your machine park.

Knots and/or damages in the wooden product can be marked with luminescent fluorine chalk. The smart sensors recognize the marks that have been set and cuts-out the part between the marks. The machine is set to keep the marks on the waste after cutting. This will maintain a clean end product.

Remote support, we have your back

Faulty settings is one of the main causes of machine downtime, leading to profit losses and frustration. The online based Powermax Remote Electronic Management System opens the door to quick solutions for software related problems and faulty settings within the system.

Because Marinus aims to offer a secure and complete customer support worldwide, we have invested a lot in getting the best online remote support system available. This system is fully integrated in all our recent machines.

All you need is an active internet connection.


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